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Keep the wildlife where they belong - in the wild

David M. Hyres Pest Control is licensed with the Pennsylvania Game Commission to trap and remove large rodents such as ground hogs, skunks, possums, and squirrels. We use live traps to catch each animal, and once they are captured, we return them to the wild, if possible, according to the PA Game Commission guidelines.

•  Removal of groundhogs

•  Removal of skunks

•  Removal of possums

•  Removal of squirrels, and any other large rodents

Wildlife control services include:

We offer you prevention tips to help you keep wild animals away from your residences. Get in contact with us today for the best pest and wildlife control services in Pennsylvania. We have provided excellent services from day one, and will continue to give you the best pest and wildlife control services anywhere!

Wildlife prevention tips

We will safely remove unwanted wildlife from your property in

no time!

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